India is one among the most lucrative markets in the world. India is also one of the most preferred destinations for foreign investors.

In ensuring that operations in India are conducted smoothly with adequate compliance with local laws and regulations, an effective legal and regulatory guidance is a quintessential necessity.

We assist foreign individuals, investors and entities in the following areas:

  1. Consultation pertaining to FDI Norms, Foreign Exchange Management Act, 1999, Foreign Contribution (Regulation) Act, 2010 and RBI Norms
  2. Consultation on incorporation of legal entity in India based on the requirements of the foreign entity or investor
  3. Consultation on issues pertaining to International Transactions, Transfer Pricing and Double Taxation Avoidance Agreements
  4. Consultation on Startup ecosystem and Make in India initiatives
  5. Management Consultancy Services
  6. Drafting of agreements, arrangements, contracts and deeds
  7. Assisting in Capital and Revenue Budgeting
  8. Accounting and Book-keeping services
  9. Audit and Assurance Services
  10. Certification work

Apart from the above services, clients may require a tailored list of services based on their requirements. Kindly write to us at for the same and we will cater to your requirements.

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